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    Grape & Wine Tours
    Over 88 wineries to choose from
    All of your senses will be exhilarated between revelling in the stunning views of the vineyards
    and tasting crisp aromatic whites, light rose's and full body reds.
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    Hornblower Niagara Cruises
    This is a must do in Niagara Falls for sure!
    The legendary Niagara Falls boat tour is by far one of the most famous attraction
    other than the Falls itself.
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    Jet Boat Tours
    More than just the historical memory of the Niagara area
    It's a once in a life time opportunity to comfortably experience what is commonly
    referred to as the “Mount Everest” of white water.
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    Helicopter Tours
    This is an attraction not to be missed!
    This attraction is more than just a helicopter ride, this is tour
    that provides one of best aerial views of Niagara Falls!
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    Skylon Tower
    Ride-to-the-Top of the Skylon Tower
    So many things to do at the Skylon Tower, photo opportunities, the family game center, the dining,
    the observation decks, and of course shopping at the boutiques.

Discover Niagara Falls with us!

Five Must Do's in Niagara Falls, Ontario

Here you will find the most popular Five Must Do's to experience and enjoy if you are visiting Niagara Falls, Ontario. Perhaps you are planning a romantic get-a-way for someone special or a family vacation with relative or friends or even lucky enough to be a resident. Regardless you will want to see and experience an afternoon, lunch or dinner wine tour with over 88 wineries in Niagara Wine Country this is a hidden delight that you will not want to miss out on.

Or take a ride-to-the-top of the Skylon Tower to experience the view and enjoy a meal overlooking the falls. If you would like to get up close and personal may we suggest a ride on the hornblower catamaran or on a jet boat ride along the Niagara River. If you want to be exhilarated enjoy an aeral view of Niagara Falls with a helicopter ride about Niagara Falls with National Helicopters.

Niagara Falls has so much to choose and so little time! These Five Must Do's are definitely gems to behold.

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Grape & Wine Tours

With over 88 wineries to choose from in the Niagara Region you will want to experience every aspect from this bountiful beautiful region. You will be escorted with your tour guide along historic sites and will enjoy the panoramic view of vineyard settings. More info...

Hornblower Niagara Cruise

The Hornblower Niagara Cruise in Niagara Falls offers an entirely new way to experience Niagara Falls with two 700 passenger state of the art catamaran boats and a 145 passenger catamaran just for special events and charters. More info...

Jet Boat Tours

You will travel so close to the whirlpool it is quite exhilarating, but not to worry, it is extremely safe and would recommend this boat ride hands down to anyone who would like to have an amazing thrill with awesome scenery. More info...

Helicoper Tours

You may choose from a variety of attraction tour packages from the Niagara Grand 20 minute excursions over Niagara Falls to Honeymoon and couples flights that will revitalize and exhilarate you. More info...

Skylon Tower

The Skylon Tower stands out as a signature building that makes the Niagara Falls skyline look so unique. With over 12 specialty shops, 3 observation desks, 2 dining rooms, and a family fun center there is something for everyone. More info...